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CCNY point-shaving scandal - Wikipedia

The CCNY point-shaving scandal of 1950–51 was a college basketball point-shaving gambling scandal that involved seven schools in all, with four in Greater New York, two in the Midwest, and one in the South. However, most of the key players in the scandal were players of the 1949–50 CCNY Beavers men's basketball team

1978–79 Boston College basketball point shaving scandal ...

The 1978–79 Boston College basketball point shaving scandal involved a scheme in which members of the American Mafia recruited and bribed several Boston College Eagles men's basketball players to ensure the team would not win by the required margin (not cover the point spread), allowing the gamblers in the know to place wagers against that team and win.

A bookie, a bet, a basketball player: 25 years ... - Arizona PBS

A study conducted by the NCAA concluded the rate of male athletes who gamble for money dipped 11 percentage points from 2008 to 2016. However, among those who gamble, 24 percent of men and 5 percent of women wagered specifically on sports, a violation of NCAA bylaws. The risks linger.

How Vegas Bookies Uncovered the 1994 ASU Point-Shaving Scheme

Proactive Las Vegas bookmakers are generally regarded as the first group to uncover a 1994 point-shaving scheme led by ASU star player Stevin (Hedake) Smith under the guidance of friend and fellow ASU student Benny Silman. The collusion and scandal involved trying to keep ASU from covering point spreads in four Pac-10 college basketball games.

Betting - Chronicling the 'worst fix ever', the 1978-79 BC ...

- gambler Paul Mazzei, one of five men convicted in the Boston College point-shaving scandal of 1978-79, in the upcoming 30 for 30 film: "Playing for the Mob" (9 p.m., Tuesday, ESPN).


that Boston College was involved in a point-shaving scandal 17 years ago. Basketball player Rick Kuhn received a 10-year prison sentence for his part in that scandal. On Wednesday a press...

College basketball: Four NCAA cases making key progress ...

The NCAA’s dawdling pace of processing infractions cases arising from the 2017 federal investigation into corruption in college basketball is, at last, picking up. Four major cases are ...

Arizona State’s Point-Shaving Scandal Gets The Netflix Treatment

Twenty-seven years on from the ASU point-shaving scandal, college athletes are finally free to profit from their name, image, and likeness, thanks in no small part to the dogged legal efforts of Ed O’Bannon, one of Burton and Smith’s opponents in that fateful UCLA game. But that doesn’t mean the playing field has been properly leveled.

5 Convicted in Boston College Betting Case - The Washington Post

Twice, in 1951 and 1961, the sport was rocked by scandal. Seven schools and more than 30 players were implicated in the 1951 probe; more than 20 schools were involved in the 1961 incidents.

Point-Shaving Scandal Hits Arizona State - Los Angeles Times

Former ASU basketball coach Bill Frieder, who said the scandal forced him to resign Sept. 10, decried the amount of gambling on American campuses.