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Glossary of Cricket Terms and Cricket Terminology

Glossary of Cricket Terms, Cricket Terminology, Cricketing Terms, and Cricketing Terminology 1. A chest on bowler has chest and hips aligned towards the batsman at the instant of back foot contact. 2. A batsman is said to be chest on if his hips and shoulders face the bowler.

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Popular Terms in cricket Striker − A batsman facing the bowler is caller striker and the opposite end is called non-striker. Off-side/leg-side − One half of the ground is called off-side and the other side is called leg-side. From the... Run − It is the basic unit of scoring in cricket. It is scored ...

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B. 1. When batting, the foot that is closest to the stumps. For a right-hand batsman's stance, the back foot is the right foot; for a left-hand batsman ... 2. When bowling, the foot which contacts the ground before the front foot i.e. the back foot is the second contact before the ball is released. ...

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Originated from the inventor of the delivery, BJT Bosanquet. Bouncer: A short-pitched ball which passes the batsman at chest or head height. Boundary: The perimeter of a cricket field, or the act of the batsman scoring a four or a six (eg “Tendulkar hammered three boundaries”).

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All out -- The batting team is said to be all out when ten of its eleven batsmen are dismissed. The eleventh batsman cannot continue without a partner, and is recorded as 'not out' in the scorebook. All-rounder -- A player who can both bat and bowl, or occasionally, both bat and keep wicket.

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Bat-Pad A fielding position close to the batsman designed to catch balls which pop up off the bat, often via the batsman's pads Batter Another word for batsman, first used as long ago as 1773 ...

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The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in London, the body that upholds the laws of cricket, have officially introduced a change in cricket terminology. Effective immediately, according to a statement published by the MCC on Wednesday, the term ‘batsman’ and/or ‘batsmen’ will officially be replaced by the gender-neutral term ‘batter.’

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Commenting on the recent change to the termsbatsman’ and ‘batsmen’, the Assistant Secretary at Marylebone Cricket Club, Jamie Cox, said the club ‘believes in cricket being a game for ...