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Senior tennis legend John Powless talks about special strategies seniors can use playing doubles.

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In the past, most tennis instructors have taught that the best doubles formation is one player at about the center of each service box. This attitude has changed in recent years. With the advent of newer, high-tech racquets, the pace of the ball has become greater, forcing players to play back a little further to give them time to react to ...

18 Tennis Doubles Strategies [The Ultimate Guide 2021]

This tennis doubles strategy is the epitome of throwing your opponents off-balance. It will run havoc on their side of the court and force them to change directions, positions, play a challenging overhead, or a weak defensive strike. Don’t forget to lob on the non-dominant shoulder’s side of the net player.

Introduction to Tennis For Seniors

This book tries to fill the learning needs of seniors. It presents a summary of the things that can improve the doubles strategy of senior players who are stuck in the 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 ratings. This book will spend very little time trying to improve your tennis strokes. Strokes are something that are more appropriately worked on in private lessons.

10 Tips for Better Doubles Strategy | The Road to 4.5 Tennis

Doubles great Liezel Huber mentions this along with 4 other “Top 5 Doubles Tips” in this USPTA Tennis Resources video. 3) BE CLEAR ON YOUR SHOT CHOICE DURING RETURN OF SERVE. Most often, aim for sharp-angled cross-court returns ( medium pace! placement more important than power!) to pull your opposing returner wide.

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25 doubles lessons from the best tennis strategy coach in the world. Both written & video content, including statistical analysis and tables that prove out the tactics. Clear and simple action items at the end of every lesson, so you actually implement the strategies you’ll be learning. Lifetime access to The 25 Golden Rules of Doubles Strategy.

12 Doubles Strategies that will change your game – Tennis Talk

Attack the Middle of the Court. Brazil’s Marcelo Melo , left, returns the ball to Argentina’s Carlos Berlocq and Diego Schwartzman as teammate Bruno Soares covers from beside during the Davis Cup doubles tennis match in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Saturday, March 7, 2015.(AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko)

3 Shots You Need for Doubles (And 3 You Don't) | ACTIVE

It really is just a matter of solid tennis strategy, intelligent play and knowing what to do -- not trying too hard. I was lucky enough to be given this useful info by someone else and it transformed my tennis doubles game. Hopefully this will do the same for you. For more doubles info, visit WinningTennisDoubles.com.