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Guidance for Tennis Players in England

tennis is a safe and naturally socially distant activity to take part in during the pandemic, whereby close person to person contact can be avoided. Based on our continued discussions with Government, the LTA has developed this updated set of practical guidelines to follow so that tennis can be played in England.

Tennis Rules and Regulations 2021 | Tennis for Beginners

Points in tennis get awarded in scores represented by 15, 30, and 40. According to the main rules of tennis 15 will represent 1 point, 30 means 2 points, and 40 results in 3 points. Scoring 4 points wins the game. Tennis games often land on a score of 40-40 (known as 'deuce' in tennis terminologies). A player needs to win by two (2) consecutive points to win a game after reaching deuce.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Latest advice 2021 | LTA

Coronavirus (Covid-19) - Latest Advice 2021. This page provides up to date information as to how the coronavirus (Covid-19) and the latest government advice around it, relates to tennis activities in Britain and all those involved in delivering them, with separate guidelines in place for each of England , Scotland and Wales.

Guidelines - Risbygate Sports Club

Adult and student members may bring down guests at a cost of £3 per visitor per time. A visitor is permitted to play up to 6 times in any 12 month period. Members must sign in guests before commencing play. Juniors are not permitted to bring guests.

Government Guidelines – Totally Tennis

These guidelines apply to tennis on outdoor and (from 25 July) indoor courts, as well as padel, and outline adaptations and considerations so that tennis and associated activity can be enjoyed in a way that is in line with Government advice and helps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Tennis Elbow Advice and Exercises

Rest your forearm on a table top, with your hand overhanging the edge and palm facing down. Use your good arm to lift up the hand on your affected side, as shown. Slowly lower your hand down to this position, moving roughly at a slow count of ‘3’. Sets:


SECTION 1.0 TENNIS COURT CONTRACTORS 1 1.1 Selection Criteria 1 1.1.1 General 1 1.1.2 Developing Working Practices 1 1.1.3 Selection of Tennis Court Contractor 1 SECTION 2.0 CONDITIONS FOR CONSTRUCTION2 2.1 General 2 2.2 Contract Documents 2 2.2.1 Scope of Work 2 2.2.2 Permits 2 2.3 Guidelines for Site Preparation 2 2.3.1 Site Stripping and ...

The Best Tennis Court Lighting Solution Guide 2021

Tennis is a ball game, usually played between two singles players or two pairs of combinations. The player hits the tennis ball with a racket across the net on the tennis court. Tennis has high requirements for strength and speed. In the sport of tennis, some professional athletes can serve at a speed of 200+km/h.