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Service reception, or for a team to be "in volleyball serve receive" means the non-serving team is on offense, ready to "receive the serve" from one player on the defensive team who's in the service zone serving the ball.

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Serve Receive. Click on the name of the volleyball drill you want for a full diagram and step by step instructions. Overhead Passing.

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How it Works: Players group up into groups of 3 serve receivers. There should be a group of three passers on each side receiving serves for two minutes straight. Two groups of three are the serving groups; The serving teams serve one at a time. They cannot serve the same spot on the court twice.

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Volleyball Serve Receive - Going Beyond the Perfect Passing Form. In the previous volleyball serve receive and volleyball passing drills pages, you have learned the very basics of passing. You were taught how you should keep the ball in front of your body when passing. You have been thought to keep the ball. directly in front of your body when passing.

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How the serve receive drill works. For this drill you need two passers, a server, a target, and person to signal points for deep serves. This drill can be either competitive or cooperative. One variation would be competitive...servers vs passers. Set a time limit, for example, 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, switch servers and passers.

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The object of serve receive is to successfully direct the ball to the target player. The target is usually the setter that moves to the target area ready to set the ball. At the beginning of serve receive, most teams position the setter about 10 feet off the net near the right sideline.

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U Formation. For the U-formation, the volleyball serve receive looks like a U with only needing 4 players to pass. The only players that don't regularly pass in this pattern are the weakest passer and two setters. If the setter that isn't currently setting is a good passer, they can be worked in the pattern to pass.

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In this scenario, free up your best hitter from serve receive. Tuck her in a corner to make sure she's available to swing, and have other players shift positions to cover more court. June 10, 2020 - High School and Club , Volleyball Offense Strategies , Volleyball Serve Receive Drills , Volleyball Game Strategies , AOC Quick Hits